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What To Do If You’re In An Auto Accident

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 2:41 PM

  • Did you know that there are over six million car accidents in the United States each year? Whether the accident was your fault or not, the experience can be scary and chaotic. Car accidents happen so fast, and often leave people wondering, what happened? Who hit who? Being prepared can help ease the experience a little bit. At Doran, Beam & Farrell we want to help you. That’s why we’ve come up with a simple word to assist you, “HELP.” Health The first thing you should do after being in an accident is to check to see if you or your passengers are injured. If there is any indication of injury or pain, call for medical help. If possible, check the other drivers. Immediately dial 911 and summon the police to the scene of the accident, regardless of whether there are injuries. Do not buy into the other driver’s promise to settle later. Exchange After you’ve checked to see if anyone was injured and dialed 911, get names and addresses of any independent witnesses. If possible, quickly obtain all information about the other drivers involved. Get names, car license numbers, driver’s license numbers, and insurance information. Witnesses can make a difference in your case. At the accident scene do not jump out of your car and say you are sorry and it is your fault before you have a chance to see if they ran a light or were driving recklessly. Why? If you come back later and say you were not at fault, the statements made at the scene may be held against you. It is best to not argue with anyone and simply exchange information while waiting for the authorities to arrive. Look Look at the accident scene. Note where your car is located and where other cars are located. Look to see if anything else could have contributed or caused the accident. Look for pieces of the vehicles. Write down your impressions as soon as possible. Check to see if there are any witnesses nearby. Do you see anyone standing in their yard or outside a store watching the accident scene? Get their information and be sure to report it to the police. Photograph Use a camera or your cell phone to take as many photos as you can. Capture the moment in pictures. Be sure to take photos of the damage to their cars as well as the scene. If you’re ever in a car accident, remember, “HELP.” After you do those four things, call our office at Doran, Beam & Farrell to speak with a member of our team and schedule your free consultation with an attorney! It is important to speak with an attorney before you give any statements to any insurance company or sign any releases or documentation from the insurance carrier regarding the claim. If you have any more questions in regards to being in a car accident, please call us at 727-846-1000 or visit our website. Sources