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Work-Related Accidents

Work-Related Accidents

Work-Related Accidents

(On-the-job) Company Car Accident Claims

The Pasco County personal injury company car accident attorneys at Doran, Beam & Farrell are equipped to handle complex auto accident cases, like ones that involve a company car. If you are injured while operating a company car or work truck, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits through your employer.

Optimizing Compensation

Because these types of accidents are so complex, you need know which policies will cover what. Your medical bills may be covered by your employer, but you may still need to account for lost wages and disability, among other things. Your own auto insurance or that of the person operating the vehicle that hit you may be able to compensate you for such losses.

When a company car accident causes the death of a loved one you and your family may be eligible for death benefits. A defective car part can also help you retrieve additional compensation by way of an additional claim against the automaker.

Ensuring the Most for Clients Injured in Work Vehicle-Related Accidents

Workers’ Compensation is not the only means of compensation if you are injured in this type of accident. Our legal team can get you the kind of financial compensation you deserve.

Before you sign anything or make a statement to an insurance company, be sure to call one of our New Port Richey attorneys at 727-846-1000 to be sure of what you options are.

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