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Gun Law

gun law

Gun Law

Gulf Coast Gun Law, a division of Doran, Beam & Farrell – Helping responsible citizens, licensed dealers and others in the firearms industry safely assert, enjoy and protect their rights under state and federal law, and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Your freedom is too precious to trust to a non-lawyer.

Firearms should not be feared – they should be respected. The same holds true for the laws that govern their acquisition, ownership and use. Too often, we hear rumors, misinformation and urban legends about various aspects of firearms law being dispensed to the uninformed public by overzealous sales people, self-proclaimed “experts,” and even law enforcement officers.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that we not only advise, but educate our clients, and that their legal needs are met and exceeded. We offer high-quality legal work and personal client service. We’re committed to providing you with accurate, up-to-date information and advice regarding your firearms-related legal matter. We fight for you!

gun law individual gun owners
We prepare NFA Firearms Trusts, and can advise individuals on virtually any legal issue involving the legal ownership and use of firearms.

Licensed Dealers
gun law licensed dealers
We can help new businesses apply for appropriate licensing, and help dealers be prepared for ATF Compliance Inspections.

gun law manufacturers
We can assist manufacturers of firearms, components and accessories in a variety of ways, ranging from licensing and zoning to contracts.

Michael E. Beam The Gun Lawyer

Michael BeamMichael grew up in rural Indiana, and was raised with firearms from a young age. His father instilled in him an interest in history, the outdoors and hunting, giving him his first real gun, a Winchester single shot twenty gauge shotgun, for his twelfth birthday.

Michael has lived in Florida for thirty years, and has been licensed to practice law since 1996. He has served as president of the West Pasco Bar Association, and chairman of the local Florida Bar Grievance Committee (6B). He is a member of the Florida Justice Association, as well as the Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association, and is a member and past president of the Rotary Club of New Port Richey.

He is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association, and an NRA Certified Instructor.

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